Credit for car repair – 3 days money in the account.

Is your loan for car repair in a hurry? The dispatcher is not enough to pay for the workshop?

Then apply for really fast online loan. After all, you want the money to be in the account before the repair shop calls.

We offer you loan offers where you can rely on fast payouts.

Finance car repair – quick overview

  • Up to € 600 Mini Cash from Viloan can help you with a minor repair
  • Advance credit compare please over the connected credit calculator
  • Apply without risk your vehicle loan with immediate confirmation
  • Within 48 hours , the money is often already in the account

Credit for car repair – fast payout required

Credit for car repair - fast payout required

Nobody can wait long for credit for car repair and spare parts. After all, everyone is dependent on a vehicle ready for use.

Credit for car repair – 3 days money in the account

As a result, the loan process and the disbursement have to be “turbo-charged”. Because, without the car, scheduling gets out of control in virtually all families.

Not so hurry please, because the online loan has done a lot. Therefore, faster credit and favorable interest rates no longer have to be a contradiction in terms.

In other words, online application until the loan payment in 48 hours, is not an empty advertising promise. The necessary technical upgrading by the banks has been completed many times.

Credit paid in 48 hours – that’s how it works

Credit paid in 48 hours - that

Customers simply choose a free credit comparison. For a long time readers do not have to search the net.

Because this site is connected to such a comparison. Nevertheless, credit for car repair paid in 48 hours does not differ from other credit requests.

Basically just enter the required amount and choose the runtime. Before the decision is made please compare exactly.

Because not only a bank offers the fast online loan, but most. If a suitable offer is discovered, please pay attention to videoident and upload the documents.

Because these two options are the ones that keep the modern online loan in the fast lane. For this it is necessary that everything is handled electronically.

Videoident – Credit legally binding in 30 minutes

Videoident - Credit legally binding in 30 minutes

In contrast to the classic post-ID procedure, modern ID verification takes only 30 minutes. With Videoident, the bank checks the identity as well as the personal application, via Skype.

All appliances are available in most households. First, internet access.

In addition, the possibility of “video telephony”. A simple smartphone is enough for that.

Within 30 minutes, after filing the application online, an examiner will call. He completes the legally required ID check within a few minutes.

Then he sends a pin via SMS. This completes the verification.

The pin makes it easy to upload the documents to the side of the bank. This can start the electronic credit check.

Credit realistic in 24 hours?

Credit realistic in 24 hours?

Theoretically, even the payout would be possible within 24 hours. But, the booking times thwart the bill.

The payment of credit for car repair is not delayed by the bank, but by the specified booking channels. Nobody has any influence on that. As a result, banks only promise to pay out within 2 days.

Even “lightning loans” that promote a loan payout within 30 minutes fail at this hurdle.

Car repair – what does the bank expect?

Car repair - what does the bank expect?

Previously, a quick look at the expectations of a bank. Credit for auto repair and replacement parts is usually a small loan.

Thus, the requirements of the banks are kept to a minimum. Thus, neither a large “paper war” nor a high credit rating hurdle is to be expected.

Nevertheless, personal credit always plays a role. When it comes to small loans, it primarily affects interest rates.

In any case, the comparison is almost always cited by a credit-based interest rate. At 1500 USD credit for car repair with 12 months, it would be the interest rate offer of Credit bankive Bank.

From 1.99 percent APR, the bank awards the loan. Unfortunately, only a few are eligible.

Repair loan offer comparison to PAngV

Repair loan offer comparison to PAngV

In other words, only people with excellent credit ratings can enjoy the advertising interest. Unfortunately, there are no official figures as to how many percent of applicants qualify.

But the interest rate most customers pay for is shown by the PAngV example. Each bank has to disclose what interest 66 percent of its customers actually pay.

For example, the credit for car repair provided by Credit bankive Bank would have an effective annual interest rate of 4.99 percent. Thus customers of the bank pay for the repair loan, 12 months duration, monthly 128.33 USD rate.

This calculates a total repayment of 1539.94 USD. Below the line thus only 39.94 USD repair costs.

Bankate Consumer Bank – Credit 24 months

Santander Consumer Bank - Credit 24 months

In the next example, Bankate Consumer Bank presents its car repair loan. But, with a slightly longer runtime.

1500 USD for car repair gives the bank, at 24 months maturity, from 2.48 percent APR. In addition to the application she offers, Videoident and the upload of the documents.

For the interest rate comparison again only the example after PAngV counts. 2/3 of the borrowers pay 2.69 percent APR for their loan.

Accordingly, the monthly rate is 64.24 USD. The loan would be repaid with 24 monthly installments.

Accordingly, a total payment of 1541.87 USD. The bottom line cost 1500 USD credit for car repair, two-year term, therefore 41.87 USD.

Weak credit – what to do if the bank refuses?

Weak credit - what to do if the bank refuses?

With a small loan for the repair, most of them have no problems to expect. Basically, it’s just a very small group that can not independently qualify for small loans.

Nevertheless, a job change or a very small income can disqualify you from bank credit. It is more embarrassing, rather than sensible, to work for a guarantor.

Just because there are good alternatives, the great effort is not necessary. In the following again the same calculation example:

Car repair credit, 24 months, this time through Trucredit. Here, customers pay 12.10 percent APR and 70.24 USD monthly rate.

Repaid would be 1500 USD credit for car repair after 24 months with a total of 1685.86 USD. The bottom line this time are 185.86 USD borrowing costs.

In essence, the impact of lower credit quality on borrowing costs is also evident. In short, compared to Bankate credit, the low credit repair loan is about 4.5 times more expensive.