Saving in summer: Guide to saving in summer

The time of the year is coming when the heat overwhelms us and all we want to do is be under an air conditioner, inside a pool or having a delicious and refreshing ice cream.

Many people spend much of the year saving for their summer vacations. Savings that meant leaving aside other daily consumption and that translates into two or three weeks of vacation. But many times, in that getaway or trip so desired, we make unjustified expenses and the administration of our money gets out of hand.

From Isolde we want you to enjoy your vacation taking care of your pocket, so we leave you a guide to save this summer without spending more:

How to save this summer you stay at home:

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Do not abuse the air conditioning : Not only for an economic issue but for a matter of electrical supply: it makes responsible use of the air conditioning by setting it to 24 °.

Use less electricity : Take advantage of more sunlight to keep the lights off. You can also take advantage of the fact that it is hotter and the weather is good for drying the clothes in the air and dressing fresh, with fabrics that do not need ironing – This way you avoid using the iron and spinning the clothes.

Reuse clothes : You can take advantage of offers to buy new clothes at the end of the season or, you can take advantage of clothes that you no longer use to give it a new look. T-shirts, dresses, skirts and pants lend themselves in the summer to be cut and reborn with new shapes designed and designed by you.

Walk : The days are longer and sunlight accompanies us from early in the morning until almost dinner time. Take advantage of this situation on days that are not very hot to walk around your city and save you some bus, train or subway tickets. Another option is to use the bicycle, taking advantage of the fact that there are more and more bike paths.

This way you will not only save money on travel but you will also be contributing to your health and the environment. And not to mention that it will help you avoid the costs of public transport!

money cash

Build a budget: This way you will keep in mind how much you will be able to spend in cash and credit, and so you can plan what activities or purchases you will be able to do without exceeding your planning.

Compare prices: Before buying the stay in a hotel or an activity, use the tools provided by the internet and check if you can not access the same service in a cheaper way. Use the transport and public and make purchases in the super: They are the best way to save on travel and food!

If you still need money to make a well-deserved escape and change your spirits, enter our loan simulator and apply for your Isolde advance. Enjoy the summer!